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Mitosis and Meiosis Set I

Mitosis and Meiosis Set I


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6 selected Microscope Slides. With depictured accompanying brochure 1(d). Mitosis, l.s. from Allium root tips showing plant mitosis stained with iron-hematoxyline 2(f). Mitotic stages in sec. of red bone marrow 3(e). Meiotic and mitotic stages in sec. of Salamandra testis 4(f). Lilium, anther t.s., microspore mother cells showing telophase of first and prophase of second division 5(f). Giant chromosomes, smear from salivary gland of Chironomus 6(f). Ascaris megalocephala embryology. Sec. of uteri showing maturation stages.

1013474 - Mitosis and Meiosis Set II

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Item No. 1013468 [W13456]
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Brand Joh. LIEDER GmbH & Co.
MPN: 5150-EN
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