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Flexible anatomical skeletons, skeletons with ligaments, skeletal bones, spines, skulls, joint models, Skeletal System, medical charts and pharma posters, mini-skeletons The backbone of anatomy is 3B Scientific's specialty!

Our medical-grade skeletons are natural casts, hand-assembled and finished, with all 200+human bones cast in unbreakable plastic to be durable for years to come. 3B Scientific Anatomical Skeletons come in a variety of versions. From the full-size Classic Skeleton Stan to our Super Skeleton with over 600 hand painted items of medical interest, be sure to find a skeleton that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

Study the skeletal system and individual human bones with 3B Scientific disarticulated skeletons and bones. Half-skeletons, full skeletons, loose or rigid mounted hands and feet, complete legs and arms, skulls, spinal columns, vertebrae, flexible joint models - all have the 3B Scientific Quality Guarantee. View these and 1000's of other anatomy items in the 3B Scientific Skeleton Shop.
Mini Skeleton - Shorty - mounted on a base, 1000039 [A18], Mini Skeleton Models
177.31 €
3 year warranty
Mini Human Skeleton - Shorty - on hanging stand, 1000040 [A18/1], Mini Skeleton Models
202.30 €
3 year warranty
Mini Human Spinal Column, flexible, Anatomically detailed, 1000042 [A18/20], Mini Skeleton Models
88.06 €
3 year warranty
Mini Human Skeleton - Shorty - with painted muscles, pelvic mounted, 1000044 [A18/5], Mini Skeleton Models
253.47 €
3 year warranty
Mini Human Skeleton - Shorty - with painted muscles, on hanging stand, 1000045 [A18/6], Mini Skeleton Models
278.46 €
3 year warranty
Desktop Skeleton, 1005457 [W33000], Mini Skeleton Models
121.38 €