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Mitral Valve Disease Sound Menu

Mitral Valve Disease Sound Menu, 1018191 [W49418], Auscultation

Mitral Valve Disease Sound Menu


Mitral Valve Disease Sound Menu - Auscultation Sounds for W49407

1. MS (moderate) respiration
2. MS held expiration
3. MS
4. MS (severe)
5. MS
6. MR (chronic severe, Atrial fibrillation)
7. MR (chronic severe, Atrial fibrillation)
8. MR one cycle
9. MR (atypical PVCs)
10. TR (pulmonary hypertension) during respiration
11. Mitral prolapse
12. Mitral prolapse, supine
13. Mitral prolapse, standing
14. Mitral prolapse, squatting
15. Mitral prolapse, stand after squatting
16. Starr-Edwards mitral valve

Product Data
Item No. 1018191 [W49418]
Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 16 x 7 x 2 cm
MPN: ST2M-111
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