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Magnetic Field Sensor FW ± 2000 mT

Magnetic Field Sensor FW ± 2000 mT


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Magnetic field sensor FW ± 2000 mT is used to measure magnetic flux density in the tangential direction. Located on the tip of the probe is a Hall sensor with an output signal proportional to the operating voltage. The sensor is equipped with two range buttons and one tare button, as well as a visual display of the currently active measurement range.

Range: 0 − ±2 mT, 0 − ±20 mT, 0 − ±200 mT, 0 − ±2000 mT
Resolution: 0,01 mT, 0,1 mT, 0,5 mT, 1 mT
Sensor: 135 mm long

Can be used to:
• investigate the Hall effect in semiconductors and metals
• record hysteresis curves
• investigate the Biot-Savart law

Sensor Cable, 1021514 [UCMA-BTsc1], Additional Accessories for Computer-aided Experimentation
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