Basic Buddy™ CPR Torso, 10-Pack

Basic Buddy™ CPR Torso, 10-Pack, 1005635 [W44106], BLS Adult
This product carries a 5 year warranty
An inexpensive manikin designed for teaching individuals or large groups the life-saving techniques of CPR.

The one-piece, disposable lung/mouth protection bags make this manikin completely sanitary. The airway opens using the head tilt/chin lift method and there is a visible chest rise when ventilated. The xiphoid process provides an anatomical reference point for hand placement and compressions. The manikin features both adult or child capabilities.

The pack includes 10 manikins, 100 lung/mouth protection bags and 2 carry bags.


106.48 €


91.96 €
Item No.: 1005635 [W44106]
Weight 24 kg
Brand Life/form
MPN: LF03695U
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