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Kundts Tube

Kundts Tube, 1000814 [U8432845], Sound
Kundts Tube, 1000814 [U8432845], Sound
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Glass tube for demonstrating standing sound waves and calculating wavelengths of sound using cork powder in a method devised by Kundt.
Cork powder is spread evenly throughout the tube by means of a filler chute. Then a sound source, e.g. a whistle, a 1700 Hz tuning fork (U10115) or a horn speaker (U8432680), is used to excite the powder into a regular pattern of nodes and antinodes. The effective length of the tube can be altered by means of a piston.
Length: 600 mm
External diameter: 20 mm
Internal diameter: 17 mm

1 Glass tube with funnel
1 Plunger
1 Filler chute
1 Whistle
1 Bottle of cork powder
Item No.: 1000814 [U8432845]
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