Testicle Self Examination Model

Testicle Self Examination Model, 1005640 [W44112], 남성건강교육
제품 보증 기간 : 5년
Self-examination of the testicles is just as important as self-examination of the female breasts for early detection of tumors.

Providing exceptional realism, this simulator features soft, thin outer skin with delicate underlying structures and four embedded, simulated tumors. Ideal for teaching proper palpation techniques. To maintain the lifelike feeling of the skin, baby powder (included) should be applied from time to time.
품번 1005640 [W44112]
무게 0.5 kg
치수 23.5 x 16 x 6.5 cm
브랜드 Life/form
MPN: LF01143U

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