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Castor Bean Tick (Ixodes ricinus), Model, 1000525 [R50], 동물 질병

Castor Bean Tick (Ixodes ricinus), Model

Item: 1000525 [R50]

Canine 5-piece Vertebrae Column Model, 1019581 [W33353], 동물 질병

Canine 5-piece Vertebrae Column Model

Item: 1019581 [W33353]

Canine Shoulder Model, 1019580 [W33355], 동물 질병

Canine Shoulder Model

Item: 1019580 [W33355]

Canine Pelvis (Hip) Model, 1019578 [W33356], 동물 질병

Canine Pelvis (Hip) Model

Item: 1019578 [W33356]

Canine Elbow, 1019579 [W33357], 동물 질병

Canine Elbow

Item: 1019579 [W33357]

Feline Jaw Model, 1019589 [W33359], 동물 질병

Feline Jaw Model

Item: 1019589 [W33359]

Canine Jaw Model, 1019591 [W33360], 동물 질병

Canine Jaw Model

Item: 1019591 [W33360]

Canine Jaw Model-Clear, 1019592 [W33361], 동물 질병

Canine Jaw Model-Clear

Item: 1019592 [W33361]

Canine Osteoarthritis Knee Model, Normal + 3 Conditions, 1019577 [W33373], 동물 질병

Canine Osteoarthritis Knee Model, Normal + 3 Conditions

Item: 1019577 [W33373]

Canine Skin Model with Flea Bite Conditions, 1019582 [W33374], 동물 질병

Canine Skin Model with Flea Bite Conditions

Item: 1019582 [W33374]

Feline Heart And Lung Model, 1019584 [W33375], 동물 질병

Feline Heart And Lung Model

Item: 1019584 [W33375]

Canine Heart and Lung Model, 1019586 [W33376], 동물 질병

Canine Heart and Lung Model

Item: 1019586 [W33376]

Feline Hip Model, 1019587 [W33377], 동물 질병

Feline Hip Model

Item: 1019587 [W33377]

Feline Elbow-Shoulder Model, 1019588 [W33378], 동물 질병

Feline Elbow-Shoulder Model

Item: 1019588 [W33378]

Feline Jaw- Clear Model, 1019590 [W33379], 동물 질병

Feline Jaw- Clear Model

Item: 1019590 [W33379]

Canine Ear Model - Normal / Infected, 1019593 [W47850], 동물 질병

Canine Ear Model - Normal / Infected

Item: 1019593 [W47850]

Canine Parasite Model, 1019583 [W47854], 동물 질병

Canine Parasite Model

Item: 1019583 [W47854]