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Carp Skeleton (Cyprinus carpio), Specimen, 1020962 [T300011], Ichthyology (fishmonger)

Carp Skeleton (Cyprinus carpio), Specimen

624.75 €
Item: 1020962 [T300011]

Carp Head (Cyprinus carpio), Specimen, 1020963 [T30010], Ichthyology (fishmonger)

Carp Head (Cyprinus carpio), Specimen

174.93 €
Item: 1020963 [T30010]

Catfish Head (Silurus glanis), Specimen, 1020965 [T30030], Ichthyology (fishmonger)

Catfish Head (Silurus glanis), Specimen

168.98 €
Item: 1020965 [T30030]

Skeleton of European Catfish (Silurus glanis), Specimen, 1020964 [T300461], Ichthyology (fishmonger)

Skeleton of European Catfish (Silurus glanis), Specimen

727.09 €
Item: 1020964 [T300461]