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Ice (H2O), molymod®-Kit

Ice (H2O), molymod®-Kit


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The molecular structure of ice is demonstrated with this kit. The ice molecular model kit includes the following atom parts: 78 atoms 26 oxygen 52 Hydrogen, lin. White 52 NV links 45 medium purple ML-11 97 links
The molecular structure of ice is made easy-to-understand with this kit.
Diameter of atom parts ranges from 14.5 – 15 mm.

• 26 Oxygen atom red

• 52 Hydrogen atom white

• 52 Covalent bond white

• 40 Hydrogen purple
Product Data
Item No. 1005285 [W19709]
Weight 0.34 kg
Brand Molymod
MPN: MKO-123-26
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