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Human muscle torsos, full-size and half-sized human torsos, torsos for high school and medical schools – 3B Scientific is the place for quality and value in human torso models. Our torsos are developed and modeled by skilled craftsmen in high-quality plastics then each torso is hand-painted to show a high level of detail. Human Desktop torso is small in stature but tops in quality. At half life-size with 12 removable parts we encourage you to compare quality before you buy anywhere else. The Human MRI Torso’s extraordinary design provides a unique view of the human body not found in any other torso model. Developed using modern imaging techniques it shows 15 horizontal slices through the human body that can be viewed and inspected from virtually any angle.

3B Torsos come in dozens configurations to meet your needs and budget, from 12 parts to over 30 removable parts choose the level of detail you want to reveal. Do you want to show human musculature? Should the torso have a particular gender or none at all? To find the combination of removable parts and features and make an informed torso purchase, shop now.

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Acupuncture Model, male, 1000378 [N30], Human Torso Models
From 171.36 €
3 year warranty
3B Torso Guide, 1000183 [B01], Human Torso Models
49.98 €
3 year warranty
Classic Unisex Torso, 12-part, 1000186 [B09], Human Torso Models
439.11 €
3 year warranty
Classic Unisex Torso, 16-part, 1000188 [B11], Human Torso Models
498.61 €
3 year warranty
Classic Unisex Torso, 14-part, 1000190 [B13], Human Torso Models
474.81 €
3 year warranty
Mini-Torso, 12-part, 1000195 [B22], Human Torso Models
141.61 €
3 year warranty
Deluxe Dual Sex Torso, 24-part, 1000196 [B30], Human Torso Models
882.98 €
3 year warranty
Deluxe Dual Sex Torso, 20-part, 1000197 [B32], Human Torso Models
874.65 €
3 year warranty
MRI Torso, 15 Transverse Sections, 1001237 [VA20], Human Torso Models
4,380.39 €
3 year warranty