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Histology of man and mammals, Interactive CD-ROM

Histology of man and mammals, Interactive CD-ROM


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The body of every animal consists of an array of many organs, each of which must perform certain functions within the organism as a whole. The closer study of these organs calls for the preparation of very thin slices of tissue. These slices, when seen through the microscope, show that organs are made of great numbers of wildly differing cells and tissues which, thanks to special staining techniques, can be told apart by the different colors they adopt. Cells. Epithelial tissue. Support tissue. Teeth. Muscle tissue. Nerve tissue. Digestive organs. Glands. Respiratory organs. Blood and blood vessels. Lymphatic organs. Urinary and excretory organs. Sexual organs. Spermatogenesis. Oogenesis. Endocrine glands. Scalp and hair. Sense organs. Central nervous system.

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Can also run on PowerMac G4 and above with the help of emulation software.
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