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GASTEC - Kit, 1012504 [W11730], Environmental Science Experiments
GASTEC - Kit, 1012504 [W11730], Environmental Science Experiments
GASTEC - Kit, 1012504 [W11730], Environmental Science Experiments



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for highly educational experiments in your biology and environmental studies classes

Upgrade your science teaching with many basic easy-to-do experiments using the Gastec system. The concentrations of a variety of substances in the air can be measured with a gas detector pump and different gas detector tubes. The gas detector is easy to use - great for hands-on experience at secondary school level. Suggestions for easy-to-do experiments:

• Examination of how combustion processes affect the class room air (measurement of carbon dioxide produced by a burning candle and/or the altered concentration of oxygen).

• Examination of fresh and stale class room air.

• Investigation of how the concentration of carbon dioxide changes due to the respiration of humans and animals, and the photosynthesis of plants.

• Investigation of changes in the concentration of oxygen due to combustion processes. Very easy measurement of gas concentration:

• Open the gas detector tube (glass) by carefully breaking off the tips on both ends using the built-in tip breaker.

• To avoid injury, slip the sleeve-like rubber inlet cover over the top of the pump and insert the detector tube into the GASTEC sampling pump.

• Point the detector tube towards the area you want to measure, and then pull out the handle of the pump in one thrust until it is locked. This causes the required amount of surrounding air to be sucked through the detector tube.

• Secure the plunger of the pump after about 30 seconds and pull the detector tube out of the pump.

• Your students can now assess the amount of gas contained in the sucked in air by making a detector tube reading (the colour change exhibited by the adsorbent material in the detector tube reflects the concentration in the sucked in gas).

Contents: 1 gas detector pump (sampling pump), 1 storage case, 1 glass tip breaker for the gas detector tubes, 20 rubber inlet covers, 1 sealing grease, 1 teaching poster with suggestions for experiments, many illustrations and detailed instructions

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