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Update Alert: REALITi 360 Version 11.5.1 is here!

3B Scientific GmbH

We are thrilled to announce the release of REALITi 360 Version 11.5.1! This latest update brings a host of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes designed to improve your training experience and ensure smoother, more powerful performance. Head over to the App Store, download the latest update, and discover all the exciting new capabilities now available in REALITi 360.

New Feature: Remote Voice

One of the standout features in this update is the new Remote Voice capability. This feature is designed to make your training sessions more interactive and engaging. You can now easily connect your iPad to the Atlas Junior Manikin Speaker via Bluetooth, enabling clear and effective communication during training exercises. This enhancement is sure to elevate the realism and effectiveness of your simulation training, making it even more immersive.

Improvements and bug fixes

Zoll R

  • Disable EtCO2 function: The EtCO2 will be disabled only on clicking `Disable EtCO2`. Earlier clicking on Average, Comp., Zoom were also disabling EtCO2
  • ETCO2 waveform display:
  • - While EtCO2 is warming up, the waveform should not appear even if it is turned on in Control. It should appear with numeric, when warming up is complete
  • - When EtCO2 is disabled, it should also disable the waveform like the numeric
  • - When EtCO2 is disabled on Control (Eye), it should also disable the waveform like the numeric


  • Fixed overlap of messages when charging with pads off
  • Enabled waveform trace size adjustment


  • SPO2 Display Improvement: Changed SpO2 display when value becomes out of range. If the value fell below 50%, it will be displayed as <50%
  • ECG SIZE: Added SIZE selection functionality to change waveform size


  • Added Heart Rate Symbol
  • Heart Rate Symbol: If Heart Rate (HR) is turned off in Control, heart symbol will be hidden too 
  • Heart Rate Value Display: When heart rate is <20 bpm or heart rate is >300bpm, HR will be displayed as dashes: ---

Philips MRx

  • Resolved crash when switching to AED mode

Atlas Junior

  • REALITi 360 app crash incidents on rapid ventilation on Atlas Junior fixed

Corpuls 1

  • Power Off Prompt: Corrected the display position for `` Power off? `` prompt on the screen
  • No more white text when Invert is on in defib mode

Corpuls 3

  • Fixed Empty Monitor on Cancelling Power off prompt: Power Off prompt when cancelled does not show an empty screen anymore while in D-ECG
  • Added preShock CPR in monitor settings
  • Added preShock CPR phases
  • Added relevant prompts, symbol and texts
  • Added preShock CPR functionality

Control; Revel Ventilator

  • Enabled RevelVent power on / off from control
How to get the update

Getting the latest version of REALITi 360 is simple. Just head to the App Store on your iPad, search for REALITi 360, and download the update. Once installed, you'll have access to all the new features, improvements, and fixes included in Version 11.5.1.

We are committed to continuously improving REALITi 360 to meet the needs of our users and provide the best possible simulation training experience. We hope you find these updates beneficial and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy training!