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Thermocouple Sensor

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Thermocouple Sensor
The thermocouple sensor is capable of measuring temperatures in two ranges:
  • -200 to 1300 °C (wide range) and
  • -20 to 110 °C (narrow range)

The desired range is selected by a switch integrated on the side of the sensor box. The sensor uses a type K thermocouple. The thermocouple consists of chromega (nickel-chrome) and alomega (nickel-aluminum) wires, which are welded together at one end to form a (hot) measuring point and at the other end form the so-called cold junction.
The thermocouple sensor provides fast and precise results and thus ensures reliable temperature measurements.
Examples for the wide temperature range (-200 .. 1300 °C) are measurement applications:
  • - Temperature measurements in a Bunsen burner flame or in candles
  • - Experimental determination of the melting point of copper, bismuth or other solids
Application examples for the narrow temperature range (-20 .. 110 °C) are
  • - Measurement of freezing and boiling points
  • - Experiments with specific heat
  • - Respiration measurement
The thermocouple will be connected directly to the analog inputs of the interfaces.
Please note: The sensor cable (see options tab) required to connect the sensor to an interface is not included with the sensor and must therefore be purchased separately.


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