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Experiment: Uniformly Accelerated Motion (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Experiment: Uniformly Accelerated Motion (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

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Objective: Measurement of instantaneous velocity as a function of distance covered

In the case of uniform acceleration, the instantaneous velocity increases as the distance covered becomes greater. The constant of proportionality between the square of the velocity and the distance covered can be used to calculate the acceleration. This will be investigated in an experiment involving a carriage rolling along a track. In order to measure the instantaneous velocity, a flag of known width attached to the wagon breaks the beam of a photoelectric sensor. The time for which the beam is broken is then measured by means of a digital counter.
Trolley Track, 1018102 [U35001], Linear Motion

Trolley Track

1018102 [U35001]
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604.52 €
Photo Gate, 1000563 [U11365], Sensors for Physics

Photo Gate

1000563 [U11365]
Unit price
142.80 €
Digital Counter (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1001033 [U8533341-230], Measurement of Time

Digital Counter (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

1001033 [U8533341-230]
Unit price
468.86 €
Set of Slotted Weights, 10 x 10 g, 1003227 [U30031], Balance Weights

Set of Slotted Weights, 10 x 10 g

1003227 [U30031]
Unit price
17.61 €
Cord, 100 m, 1007112 [U8613283], Linear Motion

Cord, 100 m

1007112 [U8613283]
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15.35 €
Pair of Safety Experiment Leads, 75 cm, 1002849 [U13812], Experiment Leads and Cables

Pair of Safety Experiment Leads, 75 cm

1002849 [U13812]
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Item No. 8000528 [UE1030250-230]
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