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Experiment: Spherometer

Experiment: Spherometer, 8000517 [UE1010100], Measurement procedures

Experiment: Spherometer

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Objective: Determine the radius of curvature of various watch glasses.

From the height h of a spherical surface above a point on a plane defined by the corners of an equilateral triangle, the radius of curvature R of the spherical surface may be determined. This can be done for both convex and concave curvatures of the sphere.
Precision Sphereometer, 1002947 [U15030], Measurement of Length

Precision Sphereometer

1002947 [U15030]
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Plane Mirror, 1003190 [U21885], Glass

Plane Mirror

1003190 [U21885]
Unit price
60.69 €
Set of 10 Watch Glass Dishes, 80 mm, 1002868 [U14200], Glass

Set of 10 Watch Glass Dishes, 80 mm

1002868 [U14200]
Unit price
20.94 €
Set of 10 Watch Glass Dishes, 120 mm, 1002869 [U14201], Glass

Set of 10 Watch Glass Dishes, 120 mm

1002869 [U14201]
Unit price
25.94 €
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Item No. 8000517 [UE1010100]
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