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Experiment Set “Osmosis and Diffusion”

Experiment Set “Osmosis and Diffusion”, 1005961 [W55886], Diffusion and Osmosis Experiments

Experiment Set “Osmosis and Diffusion”


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Starting with a model cell and a mixture of special dye solutions, your students will observe how the cell's membrane allows one dye to pass, while the other remains within the cell. The resulting colour change provides a vivid demonstration of selective permeability and how the cell absorbs nutrients and discharges wastes. The class will also learn how osmosis and diffusion permit the maintenance of equilibrium through the passive transport of water through the cell's semi permeable membrane.
30 ml     red dye solution
30 ml     blue dye solution
20          transparent beakers
4 m        dialysis tube
250 ml  glucose solution
50          glucose test strips
60          medicine beakers
20          plastic pipettes
30 ml     starch indicator solution (IKI)
250 ml  starch solution
4 m        cord
Detailed description in German and English
Suitable for first and second stage secondary teaching.
Weight:          approx. 850 g
Product Data
Item No. 1005961 [W55886]
Weight 0.87 kg
Brand Neo SCI
MPN: 20-2253
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