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Experiment: Refraction of Light

Experiment: Refraction of Light, 8000767 [UE4010020], Geometric Optics

Experiment: Refraction of Light

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Objective: Investigate refraction of light by various optical components

Light propagates at different speeds in different media. If a medium has low optical depth, the speed of propagation is higher than it would be in a medium of greater optical depth. A change in direction therefore takes place when a beam of light passes through a boundary between two media at any non- zero angle of incidence. The degree of deflection is dependent on the ratio of the refractive indices of these two media, as described by Snell’s law of refraction. This refractive behaviour will now be investigated using optical components made of transparent acrylic (perspex).
Optical LED Lamp, 1020630 [U21882], Optical Lamps on Stem

Optical LED Lamp

1020630 [U21882]
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Iris on Stem, 1003017 [U17010], Optical Components on Stem

Iris on Stem

1003017 [U17010]
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Object Holder on Stem, 1000855 [U8474000], Optical Components on Stem

Object Holder on Stem

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Optical Disc with Accessories, 1003036 [U17128], Geometrical Optics

Optical Disc with Accessories

1003036 [U17128]
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Set of 5 Slit and Hole Diaphragms, 1000607 [U17040], Apertures, Diffraction Elements and Filters

Set of 5 Slit and Hole Diaphragms

1000607 [U17040]
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Optical Bench with metric mm and cm scales, 1000 mm, 1002625, Optics with an Optical Bench

Optical Bench with metric mm and cm scales, 1000 mm

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Optical Rider U, 75 mm, 1022450, Optics with an Optical Bench

Optical Rider U, 75 mm

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56.05 €
Optical Rider U, 30 mm, 1022449, Optics with an Optical Bench

Optical Rider U, 30 mm

Unit price
51.53 €
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Item No. 8000767 [UE4010020]
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