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Experiment: Reflection in a Mirror

Experiment: Reflection in a Mirror

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Objective: Investigate reflection from a plane mirror and a curved mirror

Light rays are reflected by a mirror such that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. This law of reflection applies not only to plane mirrors but also to curved ones. Only plane mirrors, though, reflect parallel incident rays in such a way that they remain parallel upon reflection. This is because the angle of incidence of all these parallel rays will be the same. For curved mirrors, concave and convex, parallel rays do not remain parallel after reflection. Instead, they are focussed towards a focal point.
Optical Bench U, 1200 mm, 1003039 [U17150], Optics with an Optical Bench

Optical Bench U, 1200 mm

1003039 [U17150]
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Optical Rider U, 75 mm

1003041 [U17160]
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Optical Rider U, 30 mm

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Optical LED Lamp

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Iris on Stem

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Object Holder on Stem

1000855 [U8474000]
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Optical Disc with Accessories, 1003036 [U17128], Geometrical Optics

Optical Disc with Accessories

1003036 [U17128]
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320.11 €
Set of 5 Slit and Hole Diaphragms, 1000607 [U17040], Apertures, Diffraction Elements and Filters

Set of 5 Slit and Hole Diaphragms

1000607 [U17040]
Unit price
27.01 €
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