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Experiment on neurophysiology

Experiment on neurophysiology

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In the adaptation of Luigi Galvani's famous frog leg experiment an earthworm is in contact with a long row of electrodes that are connected to the Bio-Amplifier (1020599/600) or the Bio-Interface Stimulator (1020602) via 2mm sockets using special cables. The earthworm is irritated electrically or tactilely and its action potentials are measured. He remains unharmed and can be returned to its habitat after completion. The test results are transferred to a computer in conjunction with the Bio-Interface (1020602) and displayed with the appropriate software. The bio-measurement interface is for measurement and control in electrophysiological experiments with the bio-amplifi er. It operates in conjunction with a computer via a serial USB interface. Driver and measurement software are included with the equipment. There is also a built-in fl oating, software-controlled pulse generator, which acts as a stimulus generator in conjunction with the measurement chamber for experiments on earthworms (P-1020601).
Measurement Chamber for Earthworm Experiments, 1020601 [U8557650], Anatomy and Physiology Experiments

Measurement Chamber for Earthworm Experiments

1020601 [U8557650]
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190.40 €
Bio-Amplifier (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1020599 [U8557640-230], Anatomy and Physiology Experiments

Bio-Amplifier (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

1020599 [U8557640-230]
Unit price
392.70 €
Bio-Measurement Interface, 1020602 [U8557660], Anatomy and Physiology Experiments

Bio-Measurement Interface

1020602 [U8557660]
Unit price
809.20 €
Stimulation Equipment for Earthworm Experiments, 1020603 [U8557670], Anatomy and Physiology Experiments

Stimulation Equipment for Earthworm Experiments

1020603 [U8557670]
Unit price
77.35 €
Connecting Cable for Electro Cardiograms, 1020605 [U8557690], Anatomy and Physiology Experiments

Connecting Cable for Electro Cardiograms

1020605 [U8557690]
Unit price
82.11 €
Set of 30 Electrodes for ECG/EMG, 5006578 [U11398], Anatomy and Physiology Experiments

Set of 30 Electrodes for ECG/EMG

5006578 [U11398]
Unit price
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