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Experiment: Lengths and Volumes, Supplement

Experiment: Lengths and Volumes, Supplement

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Objective: Measurement of an irregularly shaped body

Callipers are used for making precise measurements of quite short lengths. They are suitable for finding internal and external dimensions and depths, as demonstrated in the measurement of an irregularly shaped body. However, calculating a body’s volume from the data obtained is comparatively complex. The displacement method is an easier way to determine the volume of an irregularly shaped body.

Additionally required: Basic equipment UE1010200.
Experiment: Lengths and Volumes, Basic equipment, 8000518 [UE1010200], Measurement procedures
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Vessel with Overflow, Transparent, 1003518 [U8411310], Glass

Vessel with Overflow, Transparent

1003518 [U8411310]
Unit price
36.77 €
Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml, 1002870 [U14205], Density and Volume

Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml

1002870 [U14205]
Unit price
8.81 €
Laboratory Jack II, 1002941 [U15020], Jacks

Laboratory Jack II

1002941 [U15020]
Unit price
103.41 €
Cord for Experiments, 1001055 [U8724980], Simple Machines

Cord for Experiments

1001055 [U8724980]
Unit price
15.59 €
Set of 10 Beakers,600 ml, Tall Form, 1002873 [U14211], Density and Volume

Set of 10 Beakers,600 ml, Tall Form

1002873 [U14211]
Unit price
49.39 €
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Item No. 8000519 [UE1010200S]
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