Experiment: Laws of Collisions (115 V, 50/60 Hz), Basic equipment

Experiment: Laws of Collisions (115 V, 50/60 Hz), Basic equipment, 8000749 [UE1030280-115], Translational motions
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Objective: Investigate uni-dimensional collisions on an air track

One important consequence of Newton’s third law is the conservation of momentum in collisions between two bodies. One way of verifying this is to investigate collisions between two sliders on an air track. When all of the kinetic energy is conserved, we speak of elastic collisions. In cases where kinetic energy is only conserved for the common centre of gravity of the two bodies, we use the term inelastic collisions. In this experiment, the individual velocities of the sliders are determined from the times that photoelectric light barriers are interrupted and the momentum values are calculated from these speeds.

Additionally recommended: Supplement UE1030280S.

Coach 7 license required!


Item No. 8000749 [UE1030280-115]

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Air Track, 1021090 [U206101], Linear Motion

Air Track

1021090 [U206101]
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Air flow Generator (115 V, 50/60 Hz), 1000605 [U15425-115], Linear Motion

Air flow Generator (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

1000605 [U15425-115]
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WiLab, 1022284, Data logger


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Connection Cable MiniDIN8 – BT, 1021688 [U8557950], Additional Accessories for Computer-aided Experimentation

Connection Cable MiniDIN8 – BT

1021688 [U8557950]
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Photo Gate, 1000563 [U11365], Sensors for Physics

Photo Gate

1000563 [U11365]
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Barrel Foot, 1 kg, 1002834 [U13265], Bases

Barrel Foot, 1 kg

1002834 [U13265]
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Universal Clamp, 1002830 [U13255], Clamps

Universal Clamp

1002830 [U13255]
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Stainless Steel Rod 470 mm, 1002934 [U15002], Rods

Stainless Steel Rod 470 mm

1002934 [U15002]
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Item No.: 8000749 [UE1030280-115]
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