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Experiment: Inclined Planes

Experiment: Inclined Planes

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Objective: Determine the forces acting on an inclined plane

If a body needs to be propelled up an inclined plane, it is not the body’s full weight G which needs to be overcome, but only the component which acts parallel to the plane F1. The fact that this component is less than the weight is more pronounced the smaller the inclination α of the plane becomes.
Deluxe Inclined Plane, 1003213 [U30015], Statics

Deluxe Inclined Plane

1003213 [U30015]
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Precision Dynamometer 5 N, 1003106 [U20034], Dynamometers

Precision Dynamometer 5 N

1003106 [U20034]
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Set of Weights 1 g to 500 g, 1010189 [U29576], Balance Weights

Set of Weights 1 g to 500 g

1010189 [U29576]
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