Electromagnet Accessory for Zeeman Effect

Electromagnet Accessory for Zeeman Effect, 1021365 [U8557770], Fundamentals of Atomic Physics

Electromagnet Accessory for Zeeman Effect


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The electromagnet accessory provides a low-friction rotating bearing between the U-shaped core D (P-1000979) and the optical base D (P-1009733) and allows pole pieces and the base plate for the cadmium lamp (P-1021366) to be attached to the U-shaped core D.

Pole pieces with PE connectors:
Dimensions:                                                         40x40x70 mm3
Pole pieces with stepped hole:
Dimensions:                                                        40x40x70 mm3
Diameter of stepped hole:                                  5 – 20 mm
Dimensions:                                                      approx. 95x52x16 mm3
Axle pin:
Dimensions:                                                      8x80 mm2
Thread:                                                             M8 x 14 mm
Weight:                                                            approx. 1.6 kg
Product Data
Item No. 1021365 [U8557770]
Weight 1.7 kg
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