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Tactical Casualty Care Simulator - TCCS2 PRO Plus, Male

Tactical Casualty Care Simulator - TCCS2 PRO Plus, Male, 1024026, TCCC Training Manikins
Tactical Casualty Care Simulator - TCCS2 PRO Plus, Male, 1024026, TCCC Training Manikins
Tactical Casualty Care Simulator - TCCS2 PRO Plus, Male, 1024026, TCCC Training Manikins
Tactical Casualty Care Simulator - TCCS2 PRO Plus, Male, 1024026, TCCC Training Manikins
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TCCS PRO Plus is a fully-modular, high-fidelity, patient simulator for individual and multi-disciplinary TCCC and prolonged field care training, with lifelike soft tissue and skin, advanced physiology and conditions, drug support, integrated patient monitoring, automated expert-validated clinical scenarios, and on-the-fly, instructor-driven scenarios.
TCCS Pro Smart Limbs have fully interchangeable trauma wound configurations with software designed to automatically adjust to specific limb features.

Modularity and Software
  • Interchangeable Plug-and-Play Limbs
  • Compatible for Add-On Moulage Wounds
  • Easy-to-use Instructor Tablet
  • OEI SIM Pro Software (iOS, Android and Mac/PC)
  • Compatible for OEI SIM Pro Software Upgrades
  • Smart Limb™ Recognition
  • Integrated Patient Monitoring
  • Clinical and Trauma Scenarios
  • Drug Support
  • Maintain Simulation Logs
  • Complete Self-Diagnostics
  • Pelvic Binder Placement
  • Unilateral Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Heart Rate/Pulse Remotely Controlled
  • Multiple Heart Sounds
  • Assess Pulses (Carotid, Brachial, Radial, Femoral, Popliteal, Dorsalis Pedis, Posterior Pedis)
  • Sternal/Humeral/Tibial Intraosseous Placement
  • Chest Compressions
  • Venipuncture/IV Catheter Placement/Fluid & Blood Infusion
Airway Management
  • Difficult Airway with Tongue Swelling
  • Head Tilt, Chin Lift & Jaw Thrust Maneuvers
  • Assessment of Oral and Nasal Airways
  • Perform Mouth-Mouth Respirations With or Without Barrier Device
  • Perform Suction of the Nasal and Oral Pharyngeal Airways
  • Perform Foreign Body Removal from Oral Cavity
  • Realistic Airway – Intubation Capable
  • Supports Nasal/Oral Pharyngeal Airway Devices, Supraglottic Airway, Endotracheal & Nasal Intubation, and Blind Intubation
  • Perform Needle & Surgical Cricothyrotomy
  • Placement in the Recovery Position
Hemorrhage Management
  • Assess & Treat Arterial Hemorrhage
  • Assess & Treat Venous Hemorrhage
  • Assess & Treat Traumatic Amputation
  • Control Bleeding by Direct Pressure/ Pressure Points/ Elevation/Wound Packing/Pressure Bandage/ Tourniquet/ Junctional Tourniquet
  • Assess/Treat Entrance/Exit Penetrating Chest Wound
  • Multiple and Independent Bleeding Sites
  • Remote-Controlled Pulsatile Arterial Bleeding
  • Remote-Controlled Venous Bleeding
  • Penetrating Trauma Wounds
  • Blood Reservoir: 3L
Establish Perimeter
  • Perform First Impression Assessment
  • Perform Patient Extraction
  • Perform Primary Assessment
  • Triage Patients Perform Secondary Assessment (Head to Toe)
  • Remote-controlled respiratory rate
  • Bilateral and independent chest excursion
  • Tension pneumothorax corrected by midclavicular and anterior axillary
  • Support to external ventilation
  • Bilateral chest tube insertion
Neurological and Musculoskeletal
  • Bilateral Blinking Eyes
  • Assess Pupil (Normal/Constricted/Dilated)
  • Bilateral Pupillary Assessment
  • Apply Cervical Collar
  • Assess and Treat Fractures
  • Assess for Crepitus
Urinary and Integumentary
  • Urinary Catheterization Placement
  • Straight and Indwelling Foley Catheters
  • Assess/Treat Burns
  • Full-Body, Wireless, and Tetherless Simulator
  • Ruggedized and Water-Resistant for Indoor and Outdoor Environments
  • Patient Decontamination Capable
  • Realistic and Lifelike Weight: 185 lbs
  • Fully-Articulated Limbs
  • Hypothermia Prevention/Active Heating Blanket
  • 10+ Hours Battery Life
  • AC Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • AC Output: 24 VDC 6A 120 W
Upgrade Options
  • Additional Interchangeable Limbs and Moulage Wounds
  • Additional Clinical and Trauma Scenarios
  • Additional Drug Support Library
  • Additional Premium Real-World Patient Monitor Screens
Wound Description Bleeding Type
Gun Shot Wound (GSW) Left side of the chest Yes Venous
GSW exit right side of the back No -
Left axillary wound Yes Venous
Bilateral below the knee amputation Yes Arterial

Available in Caucasian, African American and Hispanic skin tones.

Item No.: 1024026
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Product Information
Weight 74 kg
Dimensions 177 x 60 x 28 cm
Brand Operative Experience