Diamond, molymod®-Kit

Diamond, molymod®-Kit, 1005282 [W19706], Molecular Models
Diamond, molymod®-Kit, 1005282 [W19706], Molecular Models
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The molecular structure of the diamond is shown. The molecular diamond model includes the following atom parts: 30 Carbon, tetra, black 40 links, medium gray.
Diameter of atom parts ranges from 14.5 – 15 mm.
The molecular model of the Diamond is a great chemistry teaching tool.


• 30 Carbon, black, diameter 23 mm

• 40 grey-links


Item No. 1005282 [W19706]
Weight 0.2 kg
Brand Molymod
MPN: MKO-100-30
Item No.: 1005282 [W19706]
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