QuickLung Precision Test Lung, pediatric

QuickLung Precision Test Lung, pediatric, 1025189, Simulation respiratoire
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In real clinical settings, patients breathe spontaneously and have a wide range of compliances and resistances. Ventilators should respond to those conditions, but without an adjustable test lung, and the ability to simulate patient efforts, how can you ensure accurate ventilator response or teach ventilator management?

QuickLung® is an adjustable, precision test lung for ventilator testing and training. It is compact, easy-to-use, and capable of simulating a wide range of patient conditions, including patient inspiratory efforts. QuickLung® is available in an adult or pediatric model, both in calibrated or standard versions. You can use QuickLung® by itself or customize it according to your requirements by adding functions like spontaneous breathing. Compatible with all ventilators, from ICU to transport.

The QuickLung® is commonly used for ventilator performance verification, in-service training and sales demonstration, or basic mechanical ventilation training.

QuickLung® Features
  • Bellow-style test lung provides more linear and predictable results than a bladder-style test lung
  • Simple manual adjustment of resistance, compliance, and leaks
  • Detachable QuickTrigger® feature simulates a physiologically correct inspiratory effort (negative pressure)
  • No other test lung performs at this level of precision and versatility at this price
  • QuickLung® is the core of a modular system with options for a variety of applications
  • Compact 7.5” x 11” footprint. Works accurately from a table or suspended from a ventilator
Technical Details
Compliance settings - 15, 6, 3 mL/cmH2O
Resistance - 5, 20, 50 cm H2O/L/s
Tidal volume - 400 mL
Réf. Article: 1025189
Masse 1.428 kg
Brand IngMar
MPN: 15 00 150
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