QuickLung Breather System, adult

QuickLung Breather System, adult, 1025192, Simulation respiratoire
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The QuickLung® Breather System is commonly used for ventilator management training, demonstration, and testing. It is an effective tool to simulate a spontaneously breathing patient at an affordable price. Based on the IngMar Medical QuickLung® or QuickLung® Jr., the QuickLung® Breather opens up new opportunities to demonstrate and test ventilator triggering and important modes of ventilation such as SIMV, Pressure Support and PAV.

User can quickly create a patient scenario by using the built-in controls on the QuickLung® Breather simply by selecting a breathing mode (Eupnea, Cheyne-Stokes, Biot’s, Kussmaul or Apneusis) and by customizingbreath parameters such as resistance, compliance, breath rate, volume, and I:E ratio.

Upgrade your existing QuickLung® in seconds. The QuickLung® can be easily mounted and detached from the Breather for maximum versatility.

QuickLung® Features
  • Use with any real ventilator
  • Simulate a wide range of patient scenarios including ARDS (adult or pediatric), ventilator dyssynchrony, breath stacking, pediatric asthma exacerbation, COPD, and more
  • Realistic ventilator triggering
  • 5 pre-programmed breathing patterns available: Eupnea, Cheyne-Stokes, Biot’s, Kussmaul or Apneusis
Technical Details

Compliance settings - 50, 20, 10 mL/cm H₂O (15, 6, 3 mL/H₂O for Junior)
Resistance settings - 5, 20, 50 cm H₂O /L/s
Max tidal volume - 1.2 L (400 mL for Jr.)
Max spontaneous tidal volume - 720 mL (215 mL for Jr.)
Flow – 20 to 80 L/min
Breath rate – 4 to 60 breaths per minute
Inspiratory time – 20% to 80%

Delivery Content
  • QuickLung Precision Test Lung
  • QuickLung Breather base
  • Power Supply
  • Customer Care Kit containing additional connectors and instructions
  • User Guide
Réf. Article: 1025192
Masse 5.5 kg
Brand IngMar
MPN: 15 20 200
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