Vital Signs Simulator Baby Touch

Vital Signs Simulator Baby Touch, 1020619, Neonatal Patient Care
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Notice the symptoms promptly!
Represent the neonatal vital sings precisely

1. Available in four languages!
(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

2. Simply set with touch panel

3. Can set vital signs (Heart rate, Pulse rate, Respiration rate, Body temperature) at 5~6 levels.

4. You can practice measuring the pulse of anterior fontanel, and checking of cryptorchidism (undescended testicle)

The new born baby’s body and texture of skin are reproduced by seamless doll.
You can practice as if you touch to actual baby.

1. Heart Rate: Confirming the heart sounds near the heart
2. Pulse Rate: Measuring the pulse at 6 points
3. Respiration Rate: Confirming respiration by lifting the abdominal area
4. Body Temperature: Measuring the body temperature (rectum)
Item No.: 1020619
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Brand Sakamoto
MPN: M179
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