Contraceptive Kit, Light

Contraceptive Kit, Light

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The contraceptive kit to educate patients about the various options for practicing safe sex.
Teach the correct way to apply both male and female condoms on realistic training models that simulate the look and feel of real tissue. Non-barrier contraceptive methods can also be explored using the birth control chart and the female anatomy model demonstrating IUD placement. Great for any clinic or classroom! 

Birth Control Chart, 1001580 [VR1591L], Gynaecology

Birth Control Chart

1001580 [VR1591L]
Unit price
19.64 €
Model for Gynecological Patient Education, 1013705 [P53], Obstetrics

Model for Gynecological Patient Education

1013705 [P53]
Unit price
322.49 €
Condom training model, white skin tone, 1000340 [L42], Condom Trainers

Condom training model, white skin tone

1000340 [L42]
Unit price
79.73 €
Training Model for a Female Condom (dark skin), 1000338 [L41/1], Sex Education

Training Model for a Female Condom (dark skin)

1000338 [L41/1]
Unit price
89.25 €
Product Data
Item No. 8000876 [3011614]
Brand 3B Scientific
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