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Constant Velocity Student Kit, 4 Tubes

Constant Velocity Student Kit, 4 Tubes, 1018624 [U45060-4], Basic Laboratory Kits

Constant Velocity Student Kit, 4 Tubes


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Set of equipment for investigating the concept of velocity by means of student experiments. It consists of one transparent and three coloured plastic tubes. In the coloured tubes an air bubble rises with constant speed in a viscous fluid as soon as the tube is held vertical. Since the viscosities inside the tubes differ, the velocities with which the bubbles rise in each of them are also different. The transparent tube also contains a plastic ball and a metal ball which sink down the tube thus demonstrating negative velocities.
The positions of the bubble or the balls are plotted on a graph. The gradients of the various resulting straight lines lead to a definition of velocity.
Length:                                  830 mm approx.
Diameter:                              13 mm approx.

  • It is possible to demonstrate both positive and negative velocities.
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Item No. 1018624 [U45060-4]
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