CO2 Gas Sensor 5,000 ppm

CO2 Gas Sensor 5,000 ppm, 1021506 [UCMA-BT24i], 化学传感器

The CO2 sensor BT24i is used to monitor low concentrations of gaseous carbon dioxide. The sensor uses the Non-Dispersive Infrared Detection (NDIR) method. Range: 0 ... 5000 ppm
Typical resolution: 20 ppm
Includes: 250-mL sampling bottle.

Can be used to:
• Investigate CO2 level during respiration of small animals and insects,
• Monitor CO2 changes during photorespiration and photosynthesis in light/dark,
• Measure CO2 level during cellular respiration of peas or beans.

Additionally required:

Variant 1: (PC/Tablet)
 1 x 1021514 Sensor Cable
 1 x 1022284 WiLab
 1 x Software License Coach7
Variant 2: (Data-Logger VinciLab)
 1 x 1021514 Sensor Cable
 1 x 1021477 VinciLab
 1 x Software License Coach7


产品编号 1021506 [UCMA-BT24i]
重量 0.173 kg
尺寸 0.18 x 0.1 x 0.06 cm
3B 科技 产品型号 CMA - Centrum voor Microcomputer