Practi-SIM Lab Starter Pack (×1)

Practi-SIM Lab Starter Pack (×1), 1025068, Practi-Bundles and Value Packs
$ 775.00
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The NEW Practi-Sim Lab Starter Pack is a valuable assortment featuring our newest products. In response to educator requests, we are pleased to introduce this one-of-a-kind bundle of our newest and most popular products at discounted prices!

The goal from our educators perspective is to help learner groups learn faster, and master key skill criterias across the different dosage forms included in the bundle.
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Products in the Starter Pack Includes:
Practi-Powder Yellow 10 mL (Qty: 30)
Practi-Vial 10 mL (Qty: 30)
Practi-Insulin Training Pack (Qty: 40)
Practi-Heparin Training Pack (Qty: 40)
Practi-Amp 1 mL (Qty: 100)
Practi-Vial 2 mL Tint (Qty: 40)
Practi-Vial 1 mL (Qty: 40)
Practi-Vial 30 mL (Qty: 30)
Practi-Powder White 10 mL (Qty: 30)
Practi-Digoxin 2 mL Amp (Qty:100)
Practi-Oral Med Pack (Qty: 20 boxes)
Practi-Crash Code 9-Pack (Qty: 1)
Practi-Saline Flush 10 mL Syringe (Qty: 30)
Practi-Antibiotic Peel-N-Stick Labels (Qty: 100)
Practi-Epinephrine Peel-N-Stick Labels (Qty: 100)
Practi-Furosemide Peel-N-Stick Labels (Qty: 100)
Practi-Morphine Peel-N-Stick Labels (Qty: 100)

Qty: 1 pack

Item No.: 1025068
Weight 13.608 kg
Dimensions 40.6 x 40.6 x 40.6 cm
Brand Wallcur
MPN: SP-2018
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