Breast Examination Kit

Breast Examination Kit

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The breast examination kit to identify and teach various breast pathologies.
Train on locating cysts and tumors on life-like training models using a real ultrasound. Teach the importance of regular breast self-examination using a wearable model with the look and feel of natural soft tissue. Demonstrate the differences between healthy and unhealthy breast tissue to educate patients about a range of common diseases. Great for any women's health program!

SONOtrain™ Breast model with cysts, 1019634 [P124], Ultrasound

SONOtrain™ Breast model with cysts

1019634 [P124]
Unit price
345.10 €
SONOtrain™ Breast model with tumours, 1019635 [P125], Ultrasound

SONOtrain™ Breast model with tumours

1019635 [P125]
Unit price
370.09 €
Wearable Breast Self Examination Model, 1000343 [L51], Breast Models

Wearable Breast Self Examination Model

1000343 [L51]
Unit price
978.18 €
Model of female breast, 1008497 [L56], Breast Models

Model of female breast

1008497 [L56]
Unit price
477.19 €
Female Breast Chart - Anatomy, Pathology and Self-Examination, 1001576 [VR1556L], Gynaecology

Female Breast Chart - Anatomy, Pathology and Self-Examination

1001576 [VR1556L]
Unit price
19.64 €
Product Data
Item No. 8000875 [3011613]
Brand 3B Scientific
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