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Biochemistry Set, molymod®

Biochemistry Set, molymod®


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A set for making compact atom models having a wide range of biochemical structures. The mushroom style atom links are used to give a compact appearance to the molecules that can be made with the Biochemistry kit 257 atom-parts Compact/Semi-spacefilling models. A set for making compact/semi space filling models featuring the “mushroom style” hydrogen atom link part. Covering a wide range of Biochemical structures. Examples: Structures include, amino-acids, monosaccharides, fatty acids, glycerol, steroids, purines, and pyrimidines, peptides, disaccharides, nucleosides, nucleotides, coenzymes, proteins, polysaccharides, and nucleic acids.
Diameter of atom parts ranges from 14.5 – 15 mm.


• 42 Carbon, black, tetrahedral

• 24 Carbon, black, trigonal.

• 2 Carbon, black, linear

• 12 Nitrogen, blue, tetrahedral

• 12 Nitrogen, blue, trigonal

• 10 Nitrogen, blue, angular

• 20 Oxygen, red, angular

• 10 Oxygen, red, linear

• 10 Oxygen, red

• 10 Hydrogen, white, linear

• 2 Sulphur, yellow, angular

• 6 Phosphorus, purple, tetrahedral

• 1 Metal, grey, tetrahedral

• 1 Metal, grey, octahedral

• 100 Hydrogen, white, atom-link

• 150 NV-links

• 10 V-links, grey

• 2 link remover tools, cream
Product Data
Item No. 1005280 [W19702]
Weight 1.21 kg
Brand Molymod
MPN: MMS-007
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