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BellaBambi® original trio white/blackerry/night blue

BellaBambi® original trio white/blackerry/night blue


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A complete set for all cupping treatment areas including sensitive facial skin, cellulite or treatment of persistent tension of the back area. BB trio for holistic treatment of the entire body.

BellaBambi SENSITIVE, BellaBambi VITALITY & BellaBambi INTENSE for a broad range of treatments.

Muscle tenseness, back pain, tiredness. These are all symptoms of eventful times. Take a time-out from your day-to-day routine and enjoy refreshing moments with a BellaBambi Vacuum Massage ("cupping massage"). Or use the BellaBambi for skincare purposes and to tauten the skin on your stomach and thighs.

Simply squeeze it, position it on the skin and let go. That is how the BellaBambi works. The vacuum created by the BellaBambi is pulled along the skin for an even more intense massage effect. Moreover, this helps the waste products dissolved in the lymphatic fluid to be drained away. Vacuum massage can also be applied to the face and décolleté. BellaBambi opens the pores and provides a pleasant, refreshing peeling effect. BellaBambi also promotes the growth of collagen fibres and has a tautening effect on the connective tissue, for example on the buttocks and thighs. No matter what part of the body the vacuum massage is administered to, after the treatment, a sense of relaxation sets in. Thus, on top of the cosmetic benefit you will experience a wellness effect in addition.

BellaBambi is bio-compatible and dermatologically-tested; it can be cleaned in a dish-washing machine and is practically unbreakable.

The massage’s effect is intensified through the use of massage oil.

A user manual with operating instructions is enclosed.
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