RespiScope® Advanced Auscultation Option for Aurora

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The RespiScope® is an accessory for the Aurora manikin which enables realistic practice and mastery of auscultation skills critical for diagnosis. The learner must place the dedicated WiFi stethoscope on the correct anatomical location to trigger the sound from a scenario-based playlist. 
Interactive Learning with RespiSim® Software

Integrated with the RespiSim® Software, the RespiScope® grants access to a comprehensive sound library for lung, heart, and bowel sounds. Instructors can select and modify sounds to align with training scenarios, enhancing the realism and educational value of each session.
It is easy to pre-set sounds for each scenario and they can also seamlessly be changed on the fly to reflect the actions of the learner.

RespiScope® Features
  • RespiSim® Software used to access sounds library during scenario or before scenario begins
  • Sounds can be saved as part of an overall patient condition including lung model parameters, vital signs, ABGs, x-rays and more
  • Propriety library of lung, heart, and bowel sounds provided
  • Allows the sounds to be pre-set for each scenario or altered on-the-fly
Technical Details
  • RespiSim® Software delivered with Aurora on user-friendly Windows device
  •  The Aurora manikin comes equipped with RFID technology for RespiScope® interaction
  • Quick-change battery provides up to 4 hours of battery life
  • Unlimited technical support
Delivery Content
  • RespiScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope
  • One (1) AAA battery
  • 10 alcohol prep pads
  • RFID locator card
  • USB cable
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