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Bacteriology Starter Kit

Bacteriology Starter Kit, 1019628 [W199381], Microbiology

Bacteriology Starter Kit


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Large variety of subjects tried and true instructions all you need for 4 school groups

Microbiology is very important in everyday life, so it is exciting for pupils to learn about it through experimentation. Our bacteriology starter kit contains the basic equipment you will need to carry out microbiology experiments with your pupils in upper secondary school. These user instructions describe general microbiology work methods, and explain how to carry out a range of microbiology experiments:

  • Testing for bacteria and carrying out a bacterial count in soil
  • Testing for bacteria and carrying out a bacterial count in water
  • Testing for air-borne bacteria
  • Microscopy of bacteria
  • Determination of generation times at different temperatures
  • Effectiveness of antibiotics
  • Occurrence of natural mutations and their characterisation

The experiments are designed for 4 groups of pupils and can be easily incorporated into everyday school life.

Scope of delivery: 4 inoculation loops, 4 Drigalski spatulas, 20 Petri dishes, 20 reagent glasses with tops, 3x nutrient agar (175 ml each), 4 drop pipettes, 4 antibiotic test rings (each with 8 different antibiotics), 50 microscope slides, 50 cover glasses, 2 packs of filter paper, 1 methylene blue solution (10 ml)

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