Arrhythmia, Heart & Breath Sounds Tutor, 115 Volt

Arrhythmia, Heart & Breath Sounds Tutor, 115 Volt, 1017976 [W49407], Auscultation

Arrhythmia, Heart & Breath Sounds Tutor, 115 Volt


Combining two tutors into one, this unit simulates either heart and breath sounds or arrhythmias. A perfect tool for Medical Schools, Nursing schools, EMS Education programs or other healthcare settings where rhythm and sound recognition is critical. This unique tutor allows instructors the flexibility to change menus by changing plug-in modules. The unit has a 16-panel keypad with two built-in sounders and two external sounders. Linking additional sounders or a speaker allows access to more users. There is a volume control and two LEDs that illuminate during systole as well as an illuminated display showing the example currently playing. Arrhythmias may be viewed by connecting the three snap-on lead patient wires to your ECG-monitor. The unit comes with a 12 Volt adapter.

All sound menus are sold separately, each containing 16 different sounds.

All data used in the menus are actual patient sounds. Arrhythmias and sounds of the same name are from different patients to show appearance variations.
Arrhythmia Television Interface, 1018150 [W49429], Auscultation
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Product Data
Item No. 1017976 [W49407]
Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 0.001 x 0.001 x 0.001 cm
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