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Anatomy Set Eye

Anatomy Set Eye, 8000843, Anatomy Sets

Anatomy Set Eye

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Eye: This anatomical human eye model dissects into:
  • Both halves of sclera with cornea and eye muscle attachments
  • Both halves of the choroid with iris and retina
  • Eye lens
  • Vitreous humour

The MICROanatomy™ Eye model illustrates the microscopic anatomical structure of the retina with choroid and sclera. The left block-like, layered side of the eye model shows the complete structure of the retina including the supplying vascular layer and parts of the sclera from a light microscopic view.
3B MICROanatomy™ Human Eye Model - 3B Smart Anatomy, 1000260 [F16], Eye Models

3B MICROanatomy™ Human Eye Model - 3B Smart Anatomy

1000260 [F16]
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Item No. 8000843
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