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Anatomy Set Brain and Ventricle

Anatomy Set Brain and Ventricle, 8000842, Brain Models

Anatomy Set Brain and Ventricle

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Brain: This midsagittally sectioned model is an original anatomic cast of a real human brain.

Brain Ventricle: This model shows both side ventricles of the brain, the 3rd and 4th ventricle and the Aquaeductus cerebri (Sylvius). The brain ventricles are life-size. This brain ventricle model is delivered on stand.

Classic Human Brain Model, 5 part - 3B Smart Anatomy, 1000226 [C18], Brain Models

Classic Human Brain Model, 5 part - 3B Smart Anatomy

1000226 [C18]
Unit price
177.48 €
Human Brain Ventricle Model - 3B Smart Anatomy, 1001262 [VH410], Brain Models

Human Brain Ventricle Model - 3B Smart Anatomy

1001262 [VH410]
Unit price
127.60 €
Product Data
Item No. 8000842
Brand 3B Scientific
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