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Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA 100

Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA 100, 1013527 [U8557380], Hand-held Analog Measuring Instruments

Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA 100


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Meter for classroom and practical experiments to measure voltage and current up to 600 V or 10 A respectively. Also features audible continuity testing. Includes a fuse to guarantee safety up to CAT III. The separate terminal sockets for current and voltage permit connection of the instrument that allows for current as well as voltage to be measured without having to reconnect the measuring leads. When switching from one measuring range to another, the circuit is never broken. All current measuring ranges are overload-proof for long-term current of up to 10 A. The generous protection of all current measuring ranges by means of additional semiconductor protection prevents inadvertent blowing of the fuse in many cases.
Direct and alternating voltage:            0.1 − 600 V, 9 ranges each
Direct and alternating current:             0.1 mA − 3000 mA, 11 ranges each
Internal resistance:                                1 MW
Long term maximum voltage:              600 V
Instrument category:                              CAT III, 600 V
(DIN EN 61010-1:2010, 61010-2-033:2012)
Product Data
Item No. 1013527 [U8557380]
Weight 0.31 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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