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Amino Acid Kit, 8 Models, molymod®

Amino Acid Kit, 8 Models, molymod®


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This molecular kit can be utilized to demonstrate 7 models of L-configuration amino-acids. The amino acid molecular model collection set includes 125 atom parts and 180= NV links. There is no better way to demonstrate the structure and function of amino acids then with this molecular model set.

The following amino acids can be assembled. Group 1 Valine, Group 2 Threonine, Group 3 Phenylalanine, Group 4 Methionine, Group 5 Histidine, Group 6 Aspartic acid, Group 7 Glutamine and Proline. Extra parts are included to form peptide bonds and hydrogen bonds to make a polypeptide chain and part of a beta-pleated sheet.
Diameter of atom parts ranges from 14.5 – 15 mm.


• 24 Carbon black, 4-hole
• 19 Carbon black, 3-hole
• 77 Hydrogen white
• 10 Oxygen red -angular
• 10 Oxygen red - linear
• 1 Sulphur yellow
• 1 Nitrogen blue
• 9 Nitrogen blue trigonal
• 1 Nitrogen blue angular
• 8 Hydogen
• 90 NV-links
• 2 Short link remover tools
Product Data
Item No. 1005288 [W19712]
Weight 0.53 kg
Brand Molymod
MPN: MKA-120-8
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