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Air Track

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Track with square profile and 2 gliders for investigating frictionless linear motion. Mounted on a robust U-shaped base resting on three feet that can be adjusted to ensure horizontal alignment. The air is blown in from the front and escapes through small air outlets arranged in 2 rows along the track. This allows for practically frictionless movement of the gliders on the triangular track with no tilting. With millimetre tape measure.
Material:                                          Anodised aluminium
Total length:                                   2.00 m
Working length:                            1.90 m
Maximum deviation from straight line over complete length: 0.02 mm
Track profile:                                  Square, 63x63 mm2
Thickness of walls:                       3 mm
Separation of air outlets holes:  20 mm
Base profile:                                  U-shaped profile
Width of base:                               40 mm
Height of base:                              40 mm
Wall thickness of base:               4 mm
1 Air track on U-shaped base profile resting on three feet
2 Gliders made of black anodised aluminium with 4-mm holes to accommodate velocity flags and other accessories, plus pins at the sides to hold additional weights, mass: 180 g, length: 125 mm
4 Additional 50 g weights
1 Set of slotted weights with holder, 2x 1 g, 1x 2 g, 1x 5 g, 1x 10 g, holder 2 g
2 Velocity flags with plug for interrupting light barriers, mass: 5 g, width: 25 mm
3 Forks with plugs and rubber bands for catapulting gliders and investigating elastic collisions, mass: 10 g
3 Plates with plugs for investigating elastic collisions, mass: 10 g
1 Needle with plug for investigating inelastic collisions, mass: 10 g
1 Small tube with plug and plastic filling for investigating inelastic collisions, mass: 10 g
1 Hook with plug for attaching a thread with accelerating weights on the end, mass: 10 g
1 Pulley for frictionless deflection of accelerated masses
1 Set of screws and tools for assembling air track
1 Manual


581.91 €
581.91 €

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