Air Purifier IonFlow Evolution by LifeAir

Air Purifier IonFlow Evolution by LifeAir

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Lightair Evolution air purifier is ideal for medical practices, offices, bedrooms, children's rooms and living rooms.

What is so special about Lightair Evolution?

• Effective removal of even the smallest harmful particles from the air in the room
• Greater feeling of wellbeing thanks to healthy air
• Ozone-free (not measurable)
• Very quiet (under 5 dB)
• Energy-saving (under 7 W)
• No need for a filter change
• In just 5 hours, more than 99% of the smallest and most harmful substances have been removed

How does Lightair Evolution work?
The air purifier generates billions of electrodes per second which turn into negative ions. These negative ions negatively charge the particles in the air, which are in turn attracted by the positively-charged collector, like a huge magnet. When the collector is dirty, simply rinse it with a little washing-up liquid, dry it and put it back on. Regardless of whether in a medical practice, an office, a living room, a child's room or a bedroom, the Lightair Evolution air purifier is perfectly suited for wherever you want to have an environmentally friendly, effective, quiet and even decorative air purifier
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