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Acupuncture Ears, Set for 10 Students

Acupuncture Ears, Set for 10 Students


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These original-sized replicas of the human auricula (ear concha) facilitate learning and practicing ear acupuncture (also auricular medicine or auricular therapy). The models are made of high-quality 3B SKINlikeTM silicone – your guarantee for long life and a realistic ear surface structure. 18 anatomical structures are cited in an enclosed product manual to aid in finding the acupuncture points.

This set includes:
• 10 pairs of acupuncture ears (20 pcs)
• 50 acupuncture needles (SEIRIN ® B-Typ - 0,20 x 15mm, blue)

Product Data
Item No. 1000376 [N16]
Weight 1.87 kg
Dimensions 9.5 x 6 x 4 cm
Brand 3B Scientific
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