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Quantum physics is the base for many cutting edge science fields (e.g. nanotechnology, quantum optics, synthetic biology), but basic principles can be difficult to conceptualize. 3B Scientific's Teltron® products put nuclei and quanta at the fingertips of students, allowing them to visualize in real-time the often unseen wonders of this part of our physical world.
Tube Holder S,U185002

Tube Holder S

358.19 €
Item: U185002 [1014525]

Teltron Diode S,U185501

Teltron Diode S

402.22 €
Item: U185501 [1000613]

Teltron Triode S, Vacuum,U18551

Teltron Triode S, Vacuum

466.48 €
Item: U18551 [1000614]

Teltron Luminescence Tube S,U18552

Teltron Luminescence Tube S

589.05 €
Item: U18552 [1000615]

Teltron Maltese Cross Tube S,U18553

Teltron Maltese Cross Tube S

527.17 €
Item: U18553 [1000011]

Teltron Perrin Tube S,U18554

Teltron Perrin Tube S

589.05 €
Item: U18554 [1000616]

Teltron Thomson Tube S,U18555

Teltron Thomson Tube S

737.80 €
Item: U18555 [1000617]

Teltron Triode S, Helium-filled,U18557

Teltron Triode S, Helium-filled

537.88 €
Item: U18557 [1000618]

Teltron Triode S, Neon-filled,U18558

Teltron Triode S, Neon-filled

537.88 €
Item: U18558 [1000619]

Teltron Critical Potentials Tube S with He-Filling,U18560

Teltron Critical Potentials Tube S with He-Filling

783.02 €
Item: U18560 [1000620]

Teltron Critical Potentials Tube S with Ne-Filling,U18565

Teltron Critical Potentials Tube S with Ne-Filling

783.02 €
Item: U18565 [1000621]

Teltron Dual Beam Tube S,U18570

Teltron Dual Beam Tube S

737.80 €
Item: U18570 [1000622]

Teltron Electron Diffraction Tube S,U185711

Teltron Electron Diffraction Tube S

791.35 €
Item: U185711 [1013889]

Control Unit for Critical Potential Tubes,U186501

Control Unit for Critical Potential Tubes

410.55 €
Item: U186501 [1000632]

Control Unit for Critical Potential Tubes (115 V, 50/60 Hz),U186501-115

Control Unit for Critical Potential Tubes (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

493.85 €
Item: U186501-115 [1000633]

Teltron ESR/NMR Basic Set,U188031-115

Teltron ESR/NMR Basic Set

1,648.15 €
Item: U188031-115 [1000637]

Teltron Tube Holder D,U191001

Teltron Tube Holder D

242.76 €
Item: U191001 [1008507]

Teltron Helmholtz Coils D,U191051

Teltron Helmholtz Coils D

353.43 €
Item: U191051 [1000644]

Teltron Diode D,U191501

Teltron Diode D

409.36 €
Item: U191501 [1000646]

Teltron Triode D, Vacuum,U19151

Teltron Triode D, Vacuum

489.09 €
Item: U19151 [1000647]

Teltron Luminescence Tube D,U19152

Teltron Luminescence Tube D

624.75 €
Item: U19152 [1000648]

Teltron Maltese Cross Tube D,U19153

Teltron Maltese Cross Tube D

540.26 €
Item: U19153 [1000649]

Teltron Perrin Tube D,U19154

Teltron Perrin Tube D

608.09 €
Item: U19154 [1000650]

Electron Deflection Tube D,U19155

Electron Deflection Tube D

766.36 €
Item: U19155 [1000651]

Teltron Triode D, Helium-filled,U19157

Teltron Triode D, Helium-filled

565.25 €
Item: U19157 [1000653]