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Skin Section, 70 times full-size,J10

Skin Section, 70 times full-size

74.97 €
Item: J10 [1000289]
This skin relief model shows a section through the three layers of the hair-covered skin of the head. The skin section shows:
  • Representation of hair follicles with sebaceous glands
  • Sweat glands
  • Receptors
  • Nerves
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Skin Section, 40 times full-size,J11

Skin Section, 40 times full-size

59.50 €
Item: J11 [1000290]
The two halves of this skin relief model show the three layers of hairy and hairless skin in order to make clear the differences of the skin layers. This skin model features detail with hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, receptor
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Skin, Block Model, 70 times full-size,J13

Skin, Block Model, 70 times full-size

228.48 €
Item: J13 [1000291]
This unique skin model shows a section of human skin in three dimensional form. Individual skin layers are differentiated, and important structures of the skin such as hair, sebaceous and sweat glands, receptors, nerves and vessels are shown ... more

Skin, Hair and Nail Microscopic Structures,J14

Skin, Hair and Nail Microscopic Structures

45.22 €
Item: J14 [1000292]
The skin model shows the microscopic structure of the human skin in great detail. With the help of the different skin sections of the hairless skin (for example palm of hand) and the hairy skin (for example forearm) the different skin cell
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Skin Cancer Model,J15

Skin Cancer Model

45.22 €
Item: J15 [1000293]
This 3B Scientific® Skin Pathology model shows healthy skin and 5 different stages of malignant melanoma on the front and back, enlarged 8 times:
  • healthy
  • malignant cells are found at the surface, within the epidermis
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3 part skin model,J16

3 part skin model

168.98 €
Item: J16 [1000294]
The model consists of three individual parts on a common stand that represent sections of the human skin with a magnification of 80x. Anatomical differences of the skin sections are didactically represented in an understandable manner. ... more

Human Skin Series with Burn Pathologies, 75 times life size,W42533

Human Skin Series with Burn Pathologies, 75 times life size

599.76 €
Item: W42533 [1005549]
Six skin models in one. The front face, compares and contrasts the normal healthy skin from three different body regions; the palm or sole (totally hairless), the axilla or armpit (sparsely endowed with hair), and the scalp (completely hirsute ... more