OB and GYN Simulators

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Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis,L30

Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis

267.75 €
Item: L30 [1000334]
This childbirth model demonstrates the progress of the fetal head through the pelvis during birth. The childbirth demonstration pelvis simulator consists of a female pelvic skeleton with a movable symphysis, hip bone, sacrum, coccyx and 2 lumbar ... more

SIMone™ Birthing Simulator,P80

SIMone™ Birthing Simulator

39,151.00 €
Item: P80 [1000516]
Simulate high-stress situations with the award-winning P80 SIMone™ birthing simulator! Using patented haptic response technology, SIMone™ gives trainers and students a realistic, unique, and unrivaled training experience heightened by a specially ... more

Birthing Simulator,VG395

Birthing Simulator

1,389.92 €
Item: VG395 [1001260]
A perfect anatomical model and birthing simulator to teach and practice diagnostic and therapeutic manipulation before and during childbirth. This human birth model features a female pelvis with a foam covered belly cavity, removable vulva ... more

Internal Fetal Monitor Trainer,W19005

Internal Fetal Monitor Trainer

333.20 €
Item: W19005 [1017263]
This lifelike 3-D trainer provides realistic simulation for proper insertion of an internal electrode for fetal heart monitoring. This three-dimensional model includes the fetal head, lower uterine segment, and cervix made from lifelike materials ... more

Birthing Simulator with 5 Different Cervices, 7 part,W19009

Birthing Simulator with 5 Different Cervices, 7 part

387.94 €
Item: W19009 [1005103]
This birthing simulator is a replica of the vagina with its surrounding anatomical structures which can be felt by hand. With 5 different cervices, allowing the student to feel the anatomical changes during birth, and a fetus doll with umbilical ... more

Clinical Breast Trainer,W19340

Clinical Breast Trainer

785.40 €
Item: W19340 [1005159]
This Trainer combines modularity and practicality for clinical skills in diagnosis and palpation.
  • Five identifiable anatomical anomalies.
  • Fluid filled cyst for aspiration and palpation
  • 2 palpable lumps (approx. 1 cm and
... more

NeoNatalie, 5-Pack,W19379

NeoNatalie, 5-Pack

810.39 €
Item: W19379 [1017835]

NeoNatalie is an inflatable simulator designed to teach basic neonatal resuscitation skills. Developed to meet the key requirements for teaching the initial steps of resuscitation in the first ten minutes of a newborn’s life, NeoNatalie

... more

MamaNatalie, light,W19537

MamaNatalie, light

934.15 €
Item: W19537 [1017722]
MamaNatalie is a simulation tool kit to provide training for a normal or a complicated birth, as well as for the interaction between the trainee and the mother. The simulator is attached to the teacher who can manually control and manage the ... more

MamaNatalie, dark,W19537D

MamaNatalie, dark

934.15 €
Item: W19537D [1017723]
MamaNatalie is a simulation tool kit to provide training for a normal or a complicated birth, as well as for the interaction between the trainee and the mother. The simulator is attached to the teacher who can manually control and manage the ... more

Fundus Skills and Assessment Module,W19611

Fundus Skills and Assessment Module

470.05 €
Item: W19611 [1005273]
Features the normal anatomy of the status-post or postpartum female abdomen. Intended for practicing fundus assessment and massage skills, this trainer with a 2nd-degree midline episiotomy replicates the normal anatomy of the status-post or ... more

Palpation Model for Leopold’s Maneuver,W43015

Palpation Model for Leopold’s Maneuver

850.85 €
Item: W43015 [1005567]
This model represents a female abdomen (padded cloth attached with Velcro) with a bony pelvis. The fetus has a flexible, weighted body, movable arms and legs, firm buttocks, and a head with palpable anterior and posterior fontanels. Movable ... more

Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set,W43045

Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set

599.76 €
Item: W43045 [1005579]
The fetal monitoring and labor progress model set provides students with a realistic simulation of vaginal examinations, labor progress and insertion of the intrauterine pressure catheter. This fetal and labor model set is an excellent tool ... more

Birthing Station Simulator,W44007

Birthing Station Simulator

996.03 €
Item: W44007 [1005589]
This birthing simulator is especially designed to demonstrate and practice the palpation of the birth canal. It shows the relationship between fetal head and ischial spines of the pelvic bone during birth. A simulated fetal head of the birth ... more

Birthing Station Simulator - Cervical Examination,W44023

Birthing Station Simulator - Cervical Examination

897.26 €
Item: W44023 [1005599]
This birthing simulator consists of 6 anatomical pelvic blocks which are ideal to teach, demonstrate and practice cervical examination prior to birth. Internal texture, tissue density and correct anatomical size are carefully represented to ... more

Episiotomy Suturing Simulator, Set of 3,W44096

Episiotomy Suturing Simulator, Set of 3

522.41 €
Item: W44096 [1005627]
This episiotomy simulator provides a realistic way for students to learn surgical techniques without the constraint of time and concern for safety, which are factors with a live patient during childbirth. In addition to being portable, the ... more

SMART MOM Basic Birthing Simulator,W44175

SMART MOM Basic Birthing Simulator

32,844.00 €
Item: W44175 [1018474]
SMART MOM, an obstetrical trainer focused on the two primary challenges in OB deliveries, Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) and Shoulder Dystocia, also exhibits a wide range of other birthing irregularities. Extensive Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) programming ... more

Birthing Simulator,W44525

Birthing Simulator

721.14 €
Item: W44525 [1000002]
This lifelike birthing simulator gives your trainees practice in normal vaginal delivery as well as birthing procedures for breech and vertex presentation of the fetus. This birthing simulator contains two interchangeable abdominal overlays ... more

Gynecologic Trainer,W44535

Gynecologic Trainer

783.02 €
Item: W44535 [1005723]
The lifelike female pelvis of the gynecologic trainer allows developing diagnostic skills in gynecologic procedures through anatomical instruction, abdominal palpation and speculum instruction. The gynecologic trainer is constructed of ... more

I.U.D Trainer,W44615

I.U.D Trainer

16.66 €
Item: W44615 [1005766]
Hand-held trainer which is a suitable aid for understanding correct positioning of I.U.D. (Intrauterine Device) in the uterus. Made of durable plastic, the trainer features a transparent cover which allows easy visualization of insertion and ... more

Life/form® Advanced Breast Exam Simulator,W44787

Life/form® Advanced Breast Exam Simulator

664.02 €
Item: W44787 [1017235]
The Life/form® Advanced Breast Exam Simulator offers unparalleled realism for teaching both clinical and self-breast examination. Unlike other simulators, tissue density actually varies within the simulated breast, just as it does in a live ... more

Code Blue® I - Multipurpose CPR and Patient Care Simulator intubatable airways,W45002

Code Blue® I - Multipurpose CPR and Patient Care Simulator intubatable airways

3,094.00 €
Item: W45002 [1017533]
Provides practice in a wide range of CPR and patient care skills. • Fully moveable neck, arms and legs • Soft skin of face, vagina, and cervix for added realism • Eyes open and close, one eye is dilated • Interchangeable external ... more

Family Planning Educator,W45009

Family Planning Educator

311.78 €
Item: W45009 [1005784]
Desktop simulator for training and demonstration of: • Introduction and removal of a diaphragm, an IUD or sponge contraception devices • Normal and abnormal uterine positions • Bi-manual examination technique The ... more

Susie Simon Patient Care Manikin with Ostomy,W45011

Susie Simon Patient Care Manikin with Ostomy

1,219.75 €
Item: W45011 [1005785]
Full-size adult manikin with movable joints as well as soft fingers and toes for training of important basic nursing skills such as:
  • Stylish wig for hair car exercises and surgical draping
  • Movable jaw with tongue
  • Removable
... more

Gynecologic Simulator,W45024

Gynecologic Simulator

672.35 €
Item: W45024 [1005789]
This gynecologic simulator represents a female adult lower body with removable soft outer skin as well as anatomically accurate female genital organs, fimbriae and ovaries. Various pelvic examinations including recognition of pathologies and ... more

Birthing Simulator,W45025

Birthing Simulator

611.66 €
Item: W45025 [1005790]
This versatile birthing simulator features the pelvic cavity with major anatomical landmarks and painted outline of bony pelvis. The birthing simulator allows intra-uterine manipulation and various training possibilities for prenatal, intra ... more